The importance of decoration in urban areas


In an organisation whose mission is to create happiness and bring light to thousands of smiles, we aim to create magical and beautiful worlds that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

At AM Illumination & Arts, we develop themed-decoration projects for large spaces with attention to lighting, colours, scale, proportions and materials which appeal to the senses and generate strong emotional feelings that create unforgettable experiences.

For this reason, we approach each project as unique, taking into consideration both the space and its projected number of visitors as well as the experience we want to create there. This is done in close collaboration with our clients and partners, in a co-creative process.

Over the years we have been creating moods, collections and pieces that make up a vast portfolio of concepts and possibilities, adaptable to different times of the year and different environments and spaces with the potential to change the experience of a place, in different visits.

Furthermore, every year we challenge ourselves to take these concepts a step further by expanding the scope of the work to create, beyond aesthetic impact, a true experience:

Projects that incorporate notions of texture, balance, proportion, symmetry and rhythm are able to provoke a sense of tranquility and harmony. The use of colour has the power to create various sensations or encourage communication between people, and light is a universe in itself.

We could just talk about decoration as the intervention in the aesthetics of a space, but we believe that what we do has the power to transform everyday life, to turn a grey morning into a spring walk, or to give any grey space the potential of a magical experience that turns into happy memories.

Inês Lopes, Business & Marketing


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