20 Years 20 Memories


We are living during the most challenging times. We acknowledge 20 years of providing entertainment to so many, the last during such a peculiar year where we share pains with so many other companies and people facing difficult situations. Therefore, not only do we celebrate but we embrace: we embrace what defines us, our internal talent, and the trust, respect and friendship created with our Clients, Partners, and Suppliers who have been travelling this path alongside us for 20 years.

We look back with pride on the 20 years that have made up our past, with all its successes and failures. Aware of the enormous challenges ahead, we embrace change and the future.

We focus on the happiness of our audiences our clients, partners, suppliers and employees; the alignment and training of our talent, the creation of a unique cultural cohesion, and the strengthening of our brand positioning as we embrace the world and the adventure of all that is yet to come.

Today, feel embraced and surrounded by smiles.


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