Saint Martin’s day AM: ‘’Who wants them hot and crispy?’’


We can’t talk about Saind Martin’s day without remembering it’s story. MAGUSTO is the portuguese word for this celebration.

The legends tells us that a roman knight, who belonged to the legions of the Emperor, Julian, was doing his route on a day with terrible storms and came across half-naked homeless man, that was srarving and freezing. The homeless man came up to the Knight and asked for some change.

Pitying the old man’s misery, Martin, the knight, cut his cloak in half and shared it with the poor man.

After this act of empathy and solidarity, the clouds hid and the sun made everything bright again. It is said that it was a miracle and from that day on they began to call St. Martin's Summer the sun that appears on the first days of November.

Since then, no one can live without a few roasted chestnuts accompanied by a sunny day, as tradition dictates. At AM the date did not go unnoticed and the good weather also made itself noticed among everyone! Hot chestnuts brightened up the snack time, whetting the appetite for many more Christmases and functions!

Since happiness is meant to be shared, try our AM chestnuts recipe:

1 - Give a gentle cut in the chestnut’s shell.
2 - Spread the chestnuts on a tray and sprinkle with a handful of salt and a generous amount of magic.
3 - Bake at 200°C for 40min until tender.
4 - Without wasting any time, peel and eat. This recipe has everything to leave a few smiles and every coworker shining with happiness!

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