Once again, several employees joined the campaign that reverts to the CERCI Movement. A smile of solidarity that also reached out to the family of each one! 😊


It is part of our sustainability and social responsibility policy to support initiatives that make a difference in the community. The "Pirilampo Mágico" is an emblematic symbol that represents inclusion and support for people with disabilities and special needs. Over the years, this campaign has been a source of hope and solidarity for thousands of people across the country. This year, we have again joined forces with CERCI to raise funds that will go towards projects and programs that directly benefit these people by providing them with opportunities for education, healthcare, and social integration.

Our "energy that lights up the dream" is still very much alive, this year we helped to light up a few more smiles, and we hope that our solidary chain will continue to give light, full of energy, towards new initiatives! I wonder what's next? We have more solidarity for 2023, for sure!

There may be many items that the campaign makes available for sale, but in reality most contributors can't resist the "Pirilampo Mágico" toy, that makes you want to squeeze it! Of course books are always welcome at any age, and the mugs are just as tasty as what's inside! But the always the king of requests!

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