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We transform the mundane into enchanted worlds created with light, video, built-structures and imagination, turning fantasy into reality.

We set up magical scenarios to be shared with others.

  • WonderLights

    We use light to create mythical spaces, taking everyday surroundings and turning them into magical walks, full of light and wonder.

    We lend the magic of lights to natural spaces, enhancing them with exclusive illuminated installations, creating magical scenarios to be shared with others.

  • Wonder Experiences

    Spaces designed to create a unique and engaging experience that is as compelling as it is inspiring.

    Part exhibition, part photo opportunity, part journey to enchanted worlds - each room is designed to tap into visitors' creativity and curiosity, while providing a fantasy environment for all who dare to enter.

Find the solution that suits you best.

  • 01.
    Trends & Inspiration

    Create an immersive experience for your space with our catalogue pieces.

  • 02.

    Get inspired by the latest trends, and customise your project to suit your specific needs.

  • 03.
    Experience Design Consulting

    Share your vision with us and we will work together to deliver your unique project (360º vision). Integrated consulting, development and implementation experience.

Adding value

  • Brand Recognition

    Experiences capable of increasing the presence of your brand, expanding the scope of your activity and boosting its positioning.

  • Traffic

    Attractive experiences with great impact, designed to create buzz and generate traffic.

  • Innovation

    Experiences that respond to trends: shareable on social media, immersive spaces, designed especially for families.

  • Safety

    Events that respond to the need to control the assembly of people in closed or open spaces, guaranteeing safe experiences.

Real experiences lived in enchanted worlds. Unique and unforgettable moments that appeal to all senses enjoyed individually or to be shared with others.

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