Case Studies

Alice in Wonderland on Ice

The Challenge

We were challenged to transform a theatre show on ice into a complete interactive experience that would extend beyond the stage, throughout the various corners of the Alegro Alfragide shopping centre.

The goal being to reinforce the brand positioning of Alegro Alfragide and increase foot traffic and sales during the holiday season.


Inspired by the imagery of Lewis Carroll’s children's book, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", we recreated this magical world combining multimedia resources, live nature, extravagant costumes and accessories, and music and ice.

We bet on a different type of script, comedic, developed by noted comedian, Nuno Markl, who also provided the voice to the Cat, a completely digital character.


We brought Wonderland to Alfragide!

A sensory experience for the public as they moved through the corridors of the shopping center, with several eclectic living nature photo points, at various spots throughout, including a living vertical garden lining the walls of the lobby, a magical suspended swing and air fresheners with floral fragrances.

We created an innovative set with projection and Video Mapping where every scene of Alice's magical world was transformed as the story progressed. From flower gardens to tea parties and palaces, the story, full of colour and music, was told on ice, by a team of actors/skaters and expert technicians, in a 100% Portuguese production.

With a national media projection, the musical theatre show at Alegro Alfragide was top seller in its segment (family culture) at Christmas time.

After 103 sessions and 47500 people having watched the show, the musical had a 91% recommendation rate.*

*Data extracted from the satisfaction survey and final report of the project.


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