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Peter Pan on Ice

The magic of Peter Pan's Adventures in Neverland in a dazzling live show. A musical theatre on ice for the family, with an impressive cast and lavish production.

The Challenge

Given the successful string of past musical events we produced on behalf of our partner, MAR Shopping Matosinhos, the challenge was to create a new participatory experience for the whole family that was both meaningful and educational. Our partner wanted to bring the magic of Christmas to their venue, creating a more intimate connection between the performers and the audience, while promoting the magic of the season.


We adapted "The Adventures of Peter Pan in Neverland" by J.M. Barrie, to create a narrative where colour and imagination were the driving forces of the adventure. In a story where boys fly and magical fairies appear we wanted to recreate that spirit with the excitement of skaters on ice and in flight. The participation of the audience was an essential ingredient to create the magic.


We’ve developed a story with enchanted characters and many magical moments, where lavish and moveable sets stood out and permitted the imagination to take flight.

We encouraged audience participation by extending the set and bringing the characters out into the seated area, expanding the Neverland landscape. Along with the pirate’s boat and its crew. Original musical compositions performed live, accompanied by a magnificent lighting design added to the heightened visualization of being fully immersed in the story.

We’ve permitted the audience to come closer to the characters with “pirate assistants” ready to lend a hand to get on board, and photo sessions with actors after the show. For the more adventurous, VIP packages allowed audience members to become lost children, getting to know backstage, secrets and teams of Neverland.

A fantastic audiovisual production team composed entirely of Portuguese professionals worked in tandem with renowned actors, who shared the stage and runway, with emerging new talents of musical theatre.

The result was a huge success, breaking our own sales records for musical theatre shows on ice.

The show was attended by 84,000 students from 610 schools.*

* Data extracted from the satisfaction survey and the project's final report.


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