Management and Quality Policy

To promote the continuous improvement of the Organisation's performance in its strategic and operational objectives, permanently seeking to raise the level of satisfaction of all interested parties, assuming the Integrated Management System as an essential instrument for the achievement of the established goals.

The Organisation Policy reflects the strategic and operational guidelines for the activities carried out in the four business units, as well as reflecting the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers, employees and society in general. It has been drawn up so that it can be easily transmitted to and understood by all employees.

AM EXPERIENCE GROUP considers Quality, Environment, Safety and Sustainability as key factors in the development of its strategic plan, ensuring good compliance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001, NP EN ISO 45001 and ISO 20121 standards, namely through:

  • Services with high value for customers and relevant parties;
  • Communication with customers to meet and exceed their expectations;
  • Selecting competitive suppliers and ensuring quality, environmental, safety and sustainability requirements;
  • Respect for applicable legislation and regulations;

  • Safe and innovative practices;
  • Adequate skills and resources for the good performance of its processes;
  • Human resources as its most valuable resource;

  • Evaluation of the processes and activities to promote continuous improvement;
  • Adoption of a prevention system applicable in all sectors of the AM group, as well as in the protection of third parties susceptible to risks inherent to the activities developed;
  • An action that considers the protection of the environment;

  • The maintenance of a credible image with the licensing and inspection entities;

  • The development of events in accordance with the following principles:

    • Ecoefficiency
    • Value
    • Ethics
    • Notoriety
    • Transparency
    • Organization
    • Society
    • Sustainability
  • A permanent commitment to the continuous improvement of the QESSEMS.