Infinity-sized exhibitions, scalable and transportable to all four corners of the world. For a moment of fun or learning, Travelling Exhibitions is the right environment, space or galaxy for the whole family and friends.\

Designed experiences that aim to generate a process of impactful immersion and transformation.
Themed exhibitions;
- Innovative content;
High-quality entertainment;

Adding Value

  • 360º

    From the theme to implementation, from north to south, from January to December, a team with more than 50 professionals dedicated to making dreams and concepts come to life, expanding culture and knowledge through an interactive and engaging way.


    Experiences projected from the moment they emerge in the imagination to the discovery of the infinite. Narratives carefully constructed in a laboratory with a unique sense of projection to the audience. Dinosaurs, aliens or the depths of the ocean? Everything is possible, and everything will be truly explored!

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