BY AM FUN PLAY & ICE | Oct 29, 2021

At first glance, our ice rinks are spaces for pure fun. But look closely: these are effective tools in increasing the footfall (or foot traffic) of the shopping centres where they are located.

Ice rinks are proven tools to increase footfall/foot traffic and profitability of shopping in various locations.

Our ice rinks, by being flexible and adaptable to the spaces where they are erected, enchant visitors who come across them, filling Shopping Centers, Town Halls, Theme Parks, Hotels and other Public and Leisure Spaces with Christmas nostalgia.

The greater the fun, the more likely the visitor is to return to the place of fun, and in the case of shopping centres, the greater the predisposition to shop in stores. An ice rink is an ideal attraction due to its unique characteristics: a) fun ice-skating; b) adventure for experiencing something for the first time; c) potential to create family moments; d) ability to generate word-of-mouth.

Fun, Play & Ice Experiences are the ideal solution to provide your audiences with unique moments, an opportunity for escape so that everyone can "release the inner child and play".


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