Case Study: Happiness in the Workplace - Part 2


And how does the culture of an organisation relate to music shows on ice?

First, behind all of the production of these shows is a group of trustworthy people.

Only in a trusting organization, like a family sitting at a table on Sunday, can you enter a room where everyone is talking at the same time because no one is afraid to express their opinions, to defend their ideas and where there are no hard feelings. We acknowledge that everyone wants what is best for the project.

This is the foundation of trust: Regardless of having differing opinions, we all know that everyone wants to produce only the very best work. We trust that what brings us together is stronger than what separates us.

We all uphold the organisation's top commitment to creating happiness for all those who attend our shows and we all want to contribute as much as we can to make that magic happen. Sometimes we contribute in a very noisy way. It's just that there are so many dreams competing on two stages!

At the core of our being is the deep-rooted belief that our product is much more than an entertainment product.

We like to tell stories. Not just in a global way, for our viewers, but individually. We are all storytellers. Each in our own way.

We believe that, regardless of where we come from, stories have the power to bring us closer to ourselves and to others in many ways, because stories make us dream: To dress as pirates, to have wings, to journey to the centre of the earth or to the bottom of the sea, but above all, escaping the everyday and living in a dream.

We have all experienced being moved by a film or a play. We have all cheered for the good guy and we have all been heartbroken when the end of the story is not the long-awaited "And they lived happily ever after!"

So, when we follow a narrative it is a complex cognitive process where we become emotionally engaged. We assign moral intentions to the characters, not only to understand them, but also to judge them morally based on their choices. Thus, our reaction to the narrative, the way we interact with the story, is intrinsically linked to our own experience and background.

That's why we are moved. Because we have the opportunity to identify with the characters, with their feelings, with their doubts. Ultimately, because we want to see them act and we want to relate to the consequences of their decisions.

At AM Experience, by opening the doors to the stories we tell, we give everyone who comes to see us the chance to relate to our characters, to live their adventures and misadventures and, through this emotional impact, to have a new perspective on the world. To understand each other in a more empathetic way and to understand themselves more clearly. In short, it is a beautiful way of expanding our mind and our perception.

When we combine our love of stories with the desire to create happiness, we unlock the door where children of all ages can access enchanted worlds, places where all stories can coexist, explore our own dreams and find that magical place inside each one, where possibilities are endless.

We create spaces where people can feel safe and protected, thus able to dream.

When we think about a musical, we don't just think about the title, the songs, the costumes, the sets, etc. We think about how we want people to feel. We think about creating integrated and immersive experiences that promote lasting memories. We have the spaces, the story, the music, the total experience in mind.

As such, we believe that when we add people to stories and build a real show together, we are creating the opportunity to deepen relationships beyond passing each other by in the office corridors. We get to know each other in a magical realm, where there is a sense of limitless possibilities.

We believe that all the work we do helps to create the perfect environment for people to connect on a deeper level, get to know each other better, overcome the barrier of departments, emails, hierarchies, and formalities and have the chance to get in touch with the person behind the role, the function. It is in these kinds of opportunities that real connections are formed. When we see the humanity in each other and relate to one another in a natural environment, as in a family, pulsing with the emotions of a bringing a show to life.

So, we stand behind what we do: In addition to encouraging self-discovery, the development of empathy, and examining different points of view of the world, we thrive on creating those perfect moments between people, and imprinting happy memories that last over time.

We stand behind these moments because they are unique opportunities for an organization to bond together as a family. It is a concept so simple, so fragile, but so fundamental in creating happiness in the workplace.

We feel that it is only when we get to know others intimately, faults and all, that we understand their points of view, that we come to like and respect them. That's the first step towards caring about them, wanting to protect them and wanting them to succeed. If everyone in the workplace cares about each other’s success, then it’s guaranteed that we will all succeed as an organization and together achieve happiness.

Inês Lopes, Business & Marketing

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