Balance Sheet and Goals for a Magical Year!

BY AM EXPERIENCE | Apr 29, 2024

At the epicenter of our journey, we came together to celebrate a year of achievements, learning and, above all, magic. In an event that echoes the essence of our purpose, “It's a kind of magic”, we delved deep into the soul of our company, evaluating and reflecting on the past, embracing the present and opening the doors to the future.

Respect for AM's legacy has always been our north, a compass that guides us along paths of innovation. It is with this respect in mind that we have embraced a new paradigm. Now, as part of the MK Illumination family, we challenge ourselves to transcend the limits of the conventional, to break new ground and turn dreams into reality.

At the heart of this new paradigm is a deep sense of commitment and responsibility. Commitment to our team, to our partners and, above all, to our purpose of creating happiness. Responsibility in every action, in every decision, shaping the world around us with care and dedication.

With a sharp focus on the goals that drive us, we remain bold in what inspires us: to have a global impact in creating memorable and sustainable experiences. A stance where imagination is the master key, where we raise the standards of excellence and demand, inspiring and being inspired by those around us.

Creating memorable, distinctive and impactful experiences is more than a statement of intent - it's a sacred commitment. We have built an ecosystem based on collaboration, where creativity and innovation flow freely, where we challenge the impossible and make the extraordinary happen.

And in every moment, in every project, in every interaction, our goal is clear: to create and promote happiness. To make the world a happier, brighter, more welcoming place. That is the essence of our company, that is the promise we make to the world.

As we come together at the start of the year, we celebrate not only what we have achieved, but also what lies ahead, never failing to carry out a self-critical exercise, which is central to the process of improvement. Together, we are more than a team - we are a family, united by a common purpose, driven by passion and the desire to make a difference.

May this year be filled with magic, extraordinary achievements and shared happiness. We are ready for the challenges that will come, the opportunities that will present themselves and the magical moments that lie ahead.

Because, after all, on our journey to happiness, every step is a dance, every challenge is an adventure, and every achievement is a new page in the book of our history. And together, with determination and courage, we will continue to create happiness. One "Hocus Pocus" at a time.

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