After all, they do exist!
(The elves, of course!)


Throughout the year, they hide in a hustle and bustle of operational strategies and optimizations. They revisit last Christmas and comb through everything that went well and not so well. They leave their hats and shoes behind and put on the slippers of introspection, between hot sips of a root tea, which are growing on them as they look forward to the coming Christmas.

No matter how hard we try to portray this special team, we know that they are always much more than the legend. Our operatives step into the spotlight at this time and tirelessly take on many of the powers of the legendary Lapland elves, defying excel tables, tight timings and supernatural calendars! They don't walk through walls, but they often allow themselves to be suspended, they don't teleport, but we're sure they can run a day's work at the speed of light! They are human, of course, but even a human can be "that machine!". Every day they wind up the heart machine that feeds smiles and dreams, every day is Christmas in the heart (and Santa knows it!).

At these times, we can reach the most tired looks, the sleepless nights, the families we never see, the endless itineraries, the lights that keep flashing in and out of REM sleep. At these times, we are more certain that they really exist... the elves of course! And we love ours... so do the audits!

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