Let love flow!


We sat down to talk with the Artistic Director of the H2LOVE exhibition, which is taking place at the Palacete Júlio Lima in Braga.

The exhibition, which opened its doors last Friday, August 4, has brought a breath of fresh air to the city, which is embracing this novelty with great enthusiasm. At this AM Experience Group opening, in a place so rich in history and memories, Kristoff d'Oria di Cirie talks a little about the origins of the project and the importance of love in his life.

- How did the idea for this project come about?

- We were reading about the story of Júlio Lima and we were inspired! We thought... why not create something that pays homage to both his legacy and the essential role of water in our lives? Hopefully imparting lessons on careful water conservation and the history of the city.

- Was it challenging to work with this team?

- Oh, of course there were some bumps along the way, but this was only from the challenging nature of working with such an important historic location. Honestly, the team was great - brimming with passion and talent. We learned from each other and made something beautiful together.

- What is the recipe to launch an impactful experience?

-You've got to have a good idea, of course. But it's also about putting your heart into it and finding people who share your passion - if you don't feel it, it's not likely that anyone else will. That's when magic happens.

-Is there a magic formula in mind for a next project?

- Magic formula? I wish! It's about staying flexible and being open to learn. Each project is unique, so I just focus on staying true to the idea and working hard to bring it to life.

- Does the city of Braga have room to do more and better?

- Definitely. Braga is filled with talent and energy. With the right support, there's no limit to what can be achieved here

- Can you imagine coming back here to implement a new concept, a new experience?

- I'd love to. The city's history and community have really captivated me. It feels like there's more to explore and create here.

- What distinguishes what is done here from what is done in the UK?

-It's hard to pin down exactly, but there's a different vibe here. There are some wonderful projects happening in the UK, but they're doing their own thing so I don't think it's possible to make comparisons. Maybe it's the local culture or the way people approach creativity. There's a really youthful energy to the way that creatives approach the work here, there's a willingness to be bold. It's refreshing.

-What do you like most about H2Love?

- Seeing people's reactions. When someone connects with the art and starts thinking differently about water, that's the most rewarding part for me. It really comes alive at night and shows another side to the power of water; its really something magical.

- What was missing from H2Love?

- You always look back and think of things you could've done differently. There were some great installations that we sadly had to leave behind... Maybe more interactive pieces? But overall, I'm proud of what we achieved.

-Do you think there is a need for more love in the world?

- Absolutely, who doesn't? More love means more understanding and kindness. We could all use a bit more of that.

- Do you think the world of experiments can also have a say and underline messages that are urgently needed to be shared?

- Sure. Art and imagination can speak to people in ways that nothing else can. It can definitely be a voice for change. There's just a lot of negativity sometimes, so it's so important that we find space for beauty in our lives and sharing that with others.

- Do your next experiences continue on the love trail?

- Love's a big theme for me, so it'll probably sneak into my next projects too. It's universal and always relevant. Love takes a lot of forms and is the core of any meaningful experience.

- Vacations... with water or without water?

-After all this focus on water, I might need a beach vacation! But seriously, I'm always drawn to water, so it's likely to be part of any getaway I plan.

And so we say goodbye to Kristoff with a "see you soon!", and we hope that he can come back with new and refreshing ideas...and who knows, collaborate with the AM team on new projects!

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