Let's fly on the carpet of thrills!


We all know the story, but with AM Live's stamp, there's always a message and a purpose that take center stage! Aladdin - the legendary character from the collection of tales "The Thousand and One Nights" - is a humble young man who falls in love with a princess - Jasmine - who is a prisoner of her social status and the expectations that are generated around her. Aladdin, on finding a magic lamp, discovers that there is a way to make his dream come true and, amid exciting challenges, sets out to win Princess Jasmine's heart while navigating a world full of magic and adventure. In this musical, with a disruptive script based on the theme of freedom, everyone will be able to travel through dazzling scenery, on a mind-blowing narrative, where carpets fly... and so does the imagination!

Rehearsals have already begun, and the reading of the script - in Porto - has already given rise to excited smiles and looks full of anticipation from all the actors who will be at the AM Arena in MAR Shopping Matosinhos.

André Leitão, Cláudia Pascoal and João Paulo Sousa star in "Aladdin on Ice", the Christmas show at MAR Shopping Matosinhos, from November 18 to January 7, 2024!

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